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Bispingen‘s Heath villages Ober- and Niederhaverbeck

Central starting points for hikes through the Heath

Both of the well maintained former Heath villages Ober- and Niederhaverbeck are now suburbs of Bispingen and popular starting points for visitors.

Pristine villages in the Heath

Located in the middle of the Heath but with close access to the motorway and A-roads, a lot of Heath attractions are reached in next to no time.

Ober- and Niederhaverbeck belong to the municipality of Bispingen and about 70 people live here. The two communities are situated about 6 km west of the A7 motorway junction Bispingen along the country road to Schneverdingen. The original village structure with granaries and old farmsteads has been preserved.

Nature lovers can discover and enjoy the vast heathlands, juniper bushes, romantic Heath streams, tumuli and ancient thatched sheep pens in the surroundings on foot, horseback or by bicycle or carriage. It is also home to the shepherd and his flock of Heidschnucken (German Grey Heath).

Starting point for the Nature Reserve

The Nature Reserve Lüneburg Heath with its heather areas stretches from Ober- and Niederhaverbeck as far as Undeloh in the north and Schneverdingen in the south. So Haverbeck lies in the centre of the Nature Reserve but nevertheless can be accessed by car. From here it is about 4 km to each of the most famous places in the Nature Reserve, e.g the Wilseder Berg  (on clear days you can see Hamburg from here), the old Heath village Wilsede with the Heath Museum »Dat ole Hus« and  not to forget: the Totengrund, the birthplace of the Nature Reserve.

Heath region for hiking & cycling

The heathlands south of Ober- und Niederhaverbeck are not only perfect for hiking but also for bicycle tours, e.g. a 35 km circular route through the Haverbeeke Valley, along the Spitzbubenweg (literally rascals’ trail), through the Osterheide to the Pietzmoor near Schneverdingen and past the old country estate Tütsberg back to Ober- or Niederhaverbeck. Strong horses in front of their carriages are waiting at the carriage parking area for those who prefer a comfortable and romantic carriage ride through the wonderful landscape.

Sheep pen with a flock of Heidschnucken

The Verein Naturschutzpark runs an office and the Nature Information House in Niederhaverbeck. Heidschnucken are still kept in sheep pens in Niederhaverbeck and Heidetal and guests are invited to watch. Surely you will also spot a flock of Heidschnucken in the vast heathlands surrounding the old Heath villages. The Heath has its own special charm in winter as well. Allow yourself a timeout from your daily routine and discover the delights of our beautiful and versatile landscape right round our Heath villages.

Fun on the Machandel Adventure Trail

The Machandel Adventure Trail that starts in Oberhaverbeck is a nice experience for families with children. With much love of nature it was developed and installed by the Verein Naturschutzpark. Not only the children but also their parents can understand this cultural landscape in a playful way here. At different stops you can experience nature with all your senses. All of the exciting stops are provided with short explanations. Additionally an accompanying booklet with the explanations and a colouring page to take home was designed.


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