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Hützel – a little Heath Village next to the Raubkammer Forest

The little Heath village Hützel near Bispingen in the gentle Luhe valley

The Heath village Hützel is located at the confluence of Brunau, Wittenbeck and Luhe. Meadows and vast forests extend to the inner village with its well-maintained thatched Lower Saxony houses.

Easy to reach

Because of being near to the Nature Park Lüneburg Heath, the motorway A7 and the numerous Heath attractions, Hützel is a popular starting point for holidays, hikes and Heath experiences. You can easily reach the Heath village Hützel near Bispingen by the motorway A7 or the Bundesstraße 212 (A-road). The Campsite Hützel is located directly at the Lake Opal.

Typical rural architecture

The old Heath village with its typical rural architecture became important in the past because kieselgur was mined here. Nature lovers will enjoy the pristine, green-golden forest with its rare wildlife in the protected area ‘Söhlbruch’ at the headwaters of the Wittenbeck. Also the Luhe Valley holds a unique charme and invites you to long walks.

Hiking in the Raubkammer Forest

Next to Hützel there is a vast forest with plenty of hiking trails. The name ‘Raubkammer’ derives from the robber-knights who used to haunt the area.

Exciting archaeological museum

On Marietta und Josef Hemmerle’s farm, Hützeler Damm 15, you will find an archaeological museum of particular interest.The collection of the hobby archaeologist contains many thousands exhibits of former human races – from Homo erectus and Neanderthals up to the modern man. Join Mr Hemmerle’s guided tour and immerse in 600,000 years of human development in Europe. You will see exhibits and replicas from the Paleolithic Age, models and original tools from the Mesolithic Age as well as exhibits from the Bronze Age and representations of tumuli. During a guided tour all of the exhibits – hand axes, blades, axes and daggers made of flint - may also be touched.


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