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Hörpel – originally ‘the settlement near the dark forest’

The Heath village Hörpel next to the A7 is the gateway to the Hörpel Heath

The little Heath village Hörpel with 400 inhabitants is situated directly at the A7 and is the northernmost part of the municipality of Bispingen in the Lüneburg Heath. The village with its charming little church in the middle is surrounded by vast meadows and fields.

Experience nature from here …

To the northwest of the village you enter the idyllic Hörpel Heath – a perfect starting point for long hikes and bicycle tours. You reach the little Heath village Hörpel, the northernmost part of the municipality of Bispingen in the District Heidekreis, via the motorway A7 or the B-road 212.

Vast heathland

Just outside of the village the vast, pristine and gorgeous Hörpel Heath invites you to go for long hikes, bicycle tours or just for a rest. According to historical sources Hörpel was ‘the settlement near the dark forest’. Supposedly there used to be a megalithic grave here a long time ago that was probably destroyed and used as building material.

Conveniently located

The village name was first mentioned in an old document from the year 1193 when the village being part of the Bispingen parish was sold to Bishop Lüder of Verden. For a long time Hörpel was a typical Heath farming village far away from the road but now the village is slowly changing into a conveniently located Heath village with several tradespeople. Because of the easy access to the motorway, new residential areas have developed



Visit to the Porcelain Manufactur

Nowadays almost 400 people live in Hörpel. Hörpel’s impressive church towering among the oaks was built in the year 1909 and represents the heart of the tranquil village. The church tower is 28 m high. The well-known Porcelain Manufactur Calluna was established here in 1989. Tourists can witness the finishing process of the “White Gold” at close range.



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