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On horseback trough the Heath

Enjoy the countryside on horseback or by carriage

It is a unique experience to discover the spectacular Heath on horseback. As motor vehicles are banned in most parts of the Nature Reserve Lüneburg Heath, it can only be explored on foot, by bicycle, by carriage or on horseback. That is why hacks in this picturesque landscape are so popular.

Holidays with horses

Bispingen-Touristik e.V.  supports you in planning your riding holidays in the Lüneburg Heath. We will recommend rider-friendly accommodation, riding stables as well as routes for hacks and trail rides. There are also many opportunities to experience the Heath with your own carriage or with one of the local coachmen.

Pony riding

Do your children love ponies? Around Bispingen in the Lüneburg Heath, children can watch and understand ponies; they can become familiar with the little fellows in a playful way and surely will take such a four-legged pal to their heart. We can recommend stables that offer riding lessons on ponies, pony riding, obtaining the pony license or renting a pony for hand-led pony rides.

Riding lessons

In the municipality of Bispingen you can take qualified riding lessons (English style) for dressage and show jumping with instructors having the German B and C license. Moreover the riding club in Bispingen offers an Easter Ride and in summer the popular Heather Blossom Horse Show. And, of course, your own horse is always most welcome here. 

Hacks & Trail riding

Experience the diverse landscape of the Lüneburg Heath with its tranquility and vastness on horseback. You can go for a hack in every season, and it is a great advantage that there is no obligation for a registering mark at present. The Heath poet Hermann Löns already romanticised ».... go for a ride, as far as the brown heather spreads... «. In the surrounding of Bispingen you will find a wide network of bridle paths far from the roads. It is perfect for trail rides (different accommodation every night) and day trail rides (one accommodation). Some stables also offer guided day hacks.


Signposted bridle paths

The network of bridle paths in the Lüneburg Heath includes 14 signposted riding routes. In the boundaries of the Nature Reserve Lüneburg Heath which is situated in the Nature Park, there is the obligation to use only the designated bridle paths. Outside the Nature Reserve riding is allowed on every path unless there is a prohibition sign.

Driving your own carriage

Guests with their own carriages are most welcome in the municipality of Bispingen. There is sufficient space for harnessing and unharnassing, saddlery, carriages, horses and drivers. Groups are also welcome. There are direct connections to the signposted carriage tracks in the Nature Reserve which you are allowed to use.

Carriage rides

Those guests who are not driving their own carriage nevertheless can take part in a carriage ride. There are several providers of carriage rides in the municipality of Bispingen. You can also book carriage rides for groups. Because cars are banned in the Nature Reserve, you can get from one village to the other by carriage. Or you just go on a gorgeous excursion to this picturesque landscape by carriage – whether alone, as a group or as afamily.

Specific code of conduct

There are specific legal regulations and a code of conduct about horseback riding and carriage driving in the Nature Reserve Lüneburg Heath. Generally all hikers, cyclists, riders and carriage drivers should be concerned about respecting nature and their fellow-men.



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