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Loop Trails Volkwardingen

The loop trails Volkwardingen - 9 km and 7.5 km long

On two intricate paths the loop trails Volkwardingen reach one of the most charming places: the Totengrund. Trail V1 runs through evergreen woodland and the shallow valley of the Sprengebach to the corner of the Hörpel Heath towards Sellhorn. Trail V2 takes you to the realm of the pristine Friedwald (woodland burial ground).

V1: In the realm of the trees (9 km)

Trailhead for loop trail V1 »In the realm of the trees« is the car park in Volkwardingen (bus stop Heide Shuttle). If you decide to walk this trail, you can look forward to most diversified types of woodland. The trail runs through spruce and pine forests and deciduous woodland with stretches accompanied by gnarled, old trees. Again and again the woods open and you can catch a glimpse of fields, meadows and open heather areas.

Enjoy the view

On loop trail V1 »In the realm of the trees« you will come across an exceptionally spectacular view at the edge of the Totengrund. It is really worthwhile to walk the short detour uphill to the two benches on Holzberg. The way back leads you past the forestry office Sellhorn back to Volkwardingen through beautiful beech woods. By the way, at the Totengrund the trail meets the loop trails W1 and W2 to Wilsede and Wilseder Berg

V2: Friedwald trail (7.5 km)

This trail that also starts at the car park in Volkwardingen (bus stop Heide-Shuttle) runs through diversified deciduos forest straight to Sellhorn and to the point at the Totengrund where trail V1 returns to Volkwardingen. So this would be the ideal place to combine the two recommended trails. Enjoy your hike along the gorgeous Totengrund and take your time to enjoy this unique landscape.

Further information about the trails

Brochure with further information and marked hiking trails (PDF Download).

Summary of all loop trails: click HERE.

Trailhead: Car park Volkwardingen, bus stop Heideshuttle

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