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Loop Trails Steinbeck/Luhe

Monastery and Klosterkammer

St1: Heathen Heath and Christian Crosses (5 km)

You start the trail by walking up the wildly romantic Hohlortsberg. You will come across an impressive rune stone that was put here in remembrance of the original sacrificing stone that had been situated at the foot of this hill until 1890.  But at first the trail takes you through pristine heathland down to the wooded valley. After leaving this safe haven, open countryside is waiting for you and then again a grove gives shelter to the path. Here, almost on the home stretch, some further peculiarities are waiting to be discovered. First of all take a look at the stone in memorial of the monastery Domus St. Mariae, founded in 1243, and then enjoy the last stretch of the trail that leads you along a little stream through beautiful landscape back to the village centre.

St2: Druhwaldweg (5 km)

With every step this forest trail lives up to the promise of its resounding name. It takes you right through varied woodland which is still administered by the Klosterkammer Hannover. Sometimes the trail runs along a comfortable forest road, sometimes it is a narrow, mysteriously meandering path and quite a stretch is a beautiful hollow way bathed in dim green light in summer. After leaving this ‘green room’, you walk along the edge of the forest and let your eyes wander over vast farmland. When you arrive at the trail »Lila Krönung« it is worthwhile to make a detour to the signposted »Dreiländereck«.

Nobody who is enjoying the atmosphere here today, can imagine how much history lies beneath the roots of these old trees: from 1937 to 1945 the »Marine-Sperrzeugamt-Druhwald« was located right here. Hidden under the dense foliage of the trees sea mines, bombs and anti-minesweeping mines were produced here.

Brochure with further information and marked hiking trails (PDF Download).

Trailhead for loop trail St1

Gym, Pousenberg

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