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Loop Trails Oberhaverbeck

Open Land for open hearts

Three loop trails (O1, O2, O3) take you from Oberhaverbeck to vast and beautiful heathland. Especially popular places are to be found at Suhorn, Wümmeberg and Hof Tütsberg. Enjoy the enchanting sights at Totengrund and Steingrund or the distant and romantic views from the summit of Bolterberg.

O1: Only flying gets you higher... (13 km)

The car park and the bus stop of the Heide Shuttle in Oberhaverbeck are the trailheads for the three loop trails O1, O2 and O3 round Oberhaverbeck in the Nature Reserve Lüneburg Heath. The trail O1 »Only flying gets you higher« (13 km) offers lots of distant views! You should consider a full day for this hike because there are so many view points to enjoy... Not only the »official« view points at Suhorn with the Töpfer Stone, Wümmeberg and Hof Tütsberg - no, in general it will be hard to find another hiking trail that opens your eyes and your heart for the vastness of this landscape like this one does.

O2: Views to the distance – views back in time (9.5 km)

Alongside this trail there are eye-catchers right from the beginning: bright birch-trees, shady woods and finally: The view across the Steingrund. On the Hermann-Löns Trail you will admire this valley from below and then, after having walked uphill to the view point at the Totengrund, you will change to the bird’s eye view. On your way back you will trace signs of the past at the end of your 9.5 km tour. Under the strikingly odd hills that protrude from the flat heather area, there are burial sites from the Bronze Age.

O3: Insider tip for distant views (8 km)

The first stretch of this 8 km long loop trail starting in Oberhaverbeck parallels the family adventure trail Machandel. You will discover a stream, some ponds, heathland and forest as well as a secret insider tip: Bolterberg. There is just a mere 9 m altitude difference to its famous rival Wilseder Berg. But this doesn’t impair the splendour of the views from here! Unhurriedly you can let your eyes wander...

Further information about the trails


Brochure with further information and marked hiking trails (PDF Download).

Summary of all loop trails: click HERE.

Trailhead: Car park and bus stop Heide-Shuttle 29646 Bispingen-Oberhaverbeck



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