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Loop Trails Niederhaverbeck


The loop trails Niederhaverbeck take you to the lush green valley of the Haverbeeke, to Wümmeberg and Wulfsberg. You will reach a chieftain’s grave with an observation platform to enjoy the view of Wilseder Berg or - on the short trail N3 - the romantically overgrown ring wall

N1: »Like Phoenix rising from the ashes« (11 km)

You can choose either the car park or the Nature Information House (Heide-Shuttle) as the trailhead for the three loop trails around Niederhaverbeck in the municipality of Bispingen. The 11 km long loop trail N1 »Like Phoenix rising from the ashes« demonstrates how fire once raged here and how controlled burning is used for maintenance reasons nowadays. It is hardly believable that in the year 1996 a large fire raged here – here in the green Haverbeeke Valley you are just walking along. But the charred tree skeletons at the slopes of Suhorn and Wümmeberg remind us of the destructive but at the same time regenerative power of fire. Along this loop trail N1 there are two particularly beautiful view points.

N2: »Dead wood & vivid heather« (7 km)

Along this loop trail open heathland and awe-inspiring oaks and birch trees as well as bizarre juniper bushes alternate in accompanying you to the foot of Wilseder Berg. If you walk the 400 m to the summit, views as far as Hamburg will reward you - weather permitting. On the way back an observation platform invites you to enjoy the view of Wilseder Berg from a distance.

The last stretch gave the loop trail N2 »Dead wood & vivid heather« its name: Can you see the decayed stumps among the young heather? At the turn of the millennium a spruce forest was cut down here, and in just a few years the heather has recaptured the area.

N3:»No charge for pedestrians!«(4.5 km)

This trail passes a strange, romantically overgrown ring wall. Did there use to be a customs facility on this path that seems so enchanted nowadays? What might it have looked like in former days when this way was being used that intensively? In the early morning sun or in hoar frost this trail is particularly impressive.

Further information about the trails

Brochure with further information and marked hiking trails (PDF Download).


Trailhead: Car park or Nature Information House (Heide-Shuttle)



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