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Loop Trails Hörpel

Discover the spectacular Hörpel Heath

The loop trails Hörpel show hikers the most beautiful places near Hörpel. On these trails you will cross the valleys and streams of the Schmale Aue and the Sprengelbach, walk through an evergreen forest and reach the impressive Hörpel Heath.

H1: Light and shade (8 km)

Trailhead of this 8 km long loop trail »Light and shade« is the Brandenburger Straße in Hörpel. After having admired the remains of a grand avenue of lime trees, you will cross the motorway bridge and follow the trail along the stream valleys of the Sprengebach and Schmale Aue. Sparse pine forests offer shade and an especially beautiful section of the trail leads you right across the Hörpel Heath.

H2: Heath titbit (3.5 km)

For this short round you also set off at Brandenburger Straße in Hörpel. In summer, when suffocating heat is spreading out on the large open heather areas, this shorter trail is just the right choice. Or perhaps you are just looking for a short walk with little children? This trail will inspire them by its rich variety. And why not enjoy a picnic at the picturesque wooden bridge while cooling your feet in the Schmale Aue at the second stream crossing on this trail.

Long distance trail »Lila Krönung« 7 km to Wilsede

The long distance trail »Lila Krönung« (purple coronation) runs from Hörpel through the Hörpel Heath towards Sellhorn and to the Totengrund. From there it continues to Wilsede. It is 7 km in all from Hörpel to Wilsede. This listed Heath village with characteristic restaurants and the Heath Museum »Dat ole Huus« invites you to stay – come and see for yourself!

Brochure with further information and marked hiking trails (PDF Download).

Trailhead: Brandenburger Straße, Hörpel

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