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Loop Trails Borstel Switzerland

Like a roller coaster...

Bo1 Not for lowlanders: 1.5 km

A short loop trail full of surprises: narrow sand paths lead along the edge of an extremely steep valley. The slopes are densely grown with heather and juniper. This spectacular valley cut was formed by superglacial streams at the end of the last ice age. After this extraordinary view of the pristine valley, deciduous woodland is waiting for you along the next stage - and you surely did not expect to find such a steep incline in the Lüneburg Heath. But don't worry, there is one truth fact you can rely on: the distance you walked downhill, you will have to walk uphill again if you want to return to your starting point! In this case the slope is being sweetened by a particular beautiful stretch through pristine juniper heath.

Bo2 Up and down, over and over again: 2.5 km

The first stretch of this trail runs through a sparse pine forest where you can see how the heather in the undergrowth develops freshly rejuvenated after the maintenance measure called "schoppern". Just a short distance from the trail, you will discover the foundation stones of an ancient sheep pen. Then it goes steeply downhill - only to climb the next hilltop covered with heather and juniper right away and then walk downhill again to a shady forest. Trees will accompany you up to the next view point and will allow you a glance over the rolling pasture lands from time to time. On the next hilltop you will finally realise where you actually are: right in the middle of the Lüneburg Heath!

Brochure with further information and marked hiking trails (PDF Download).

Trailhead for Borstel loop trails Bo1 and Bo2

Country lane between Borstel i.d. Kuhle and Hörpel

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