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Loop Trails Bispingen


Culture and landscape

The loop trails Bispingen run through Bispingen Heidepark to the old sheep pen and to the Ole Kerk (old church), across the River Luhe to the adventure playground and the Luhegrund.

Bi1/Bi2: Small but beautiful (0.5/0.7 km)

The loop trails through the pristine Bispingen Heidepark are small but beautiful. They convey the charm of the Heath landscape on a few square metres. The perfect way to chill out after a day full of leisure activities! Or perhaps you are lucky and can combine your visit with one of the cultural events in the old sheep pen? The current event calendar is available at Bispingen tourist information.

Bi3: From church to children (8 km)

At the beginning of your hike you will walk along secluded footpaths that will make you forget that you are still inside the village. Once having passed the Ole Kerk you will cross the bridge over the Luhe. The little river will accompany you for a short while before the trail takes you through a sparse pine and blueberry forest and then along a little heather area. Then you will cross the road L211 and soon you are back in the shelter of the woods. Especially when you are hiking with children, the nice adventure playground on the other side of the Hans-Christoph-Seebohmring will be a remedy against tired feet. The way back runs through the lush green marshland of the Luhegrund.

Bi4: Farmland, grassland, woodland (8 km)

Surprisingly rich in variety this trail takes you on partly narrow paths along fields, up and down steep slopes in vivid deciduous forests. Then trail and forest change their appearance and offer you a wide and comfortable path through coniferous forest – only to become an enchanted path once more that criss-crosses the mossy Luhegrund.

Further information about the trails

Brochure with further information and marked hiking trails (PDF Download).

Trailhead: Heidjerhaus at Borsteler Straße 33 (Bi1 and Bi2)

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