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Loop Trails Behringen

Through a FriedWald, to the Totengrund and the Behringen Heath


The loop trails Behringen run through a FriedWald (a woodland burial ground) and beautiful heathland to the Totengrund and through the Behringen Heath to Wulfsberg and Hof Tütsberg.

B1: Safe haven under the leafy canopy (10 km)

The car park at the FriedWald near Bispingen-Behringen is the trailhead for this gorgeous loop trail B1 »Safe haven under the leafy canopy« (10 km long). Not without good reason the appropriate forestry office struggled to get the permission for establishing a woodland burial ground on this site. The trail B1 takes you through a forest with a pleasant atmosphere and spectacular trees.

... and then the Heath opens wide

And just when you start wondering whether you won’t see any heather on your hike through the Heath, the forest retreats and opens to a wide view across the Totengrund. Then the trail climbs uphill to the view point at the Totengrund and subsequently follows a particularly beautiful path that leads along the rim of the Totengrund with a permanent view of this fascinating valley. Then you return on a small boardwalk across a boggy area into the shelter of the woods.

Combination with the loop trail W2

At the Totengrund your trail meets the loop trail W2 »A glimpse into abysses« (3.5 km), which again is linked to the trail W1 » Reaching for the summit « (3.5 km). So you have the option to continue your hike to Wilsede and the Heath Museum »Dat ole Huus« or even to Wilseder Berg that offers you a wonderful view as far as Hamburg – weather permitting.

B2: Vast Heathland (10 km)

Adjacent to the car park Behringer Heide in the northwest of Behringen , the loop trail B2 »Vast Heathland« (10 km long) takes you on secluded paths through the Behringen Heath, through a small forest and past a historical sheep pen and then out into the vastness of the heathland at Wulfsberg. Fantastic panoramic views after shady stretches among gnarled oaks, so called ‘Stühbüsche’, accompany your trail via Wulfsberg to Hof Tütsberg.

Don’t hesitate to look around Hof Tütsberg: In many places you will find information about how the Heath farmers used to work in former times. If you are only in the mood or have time for a short walk through the Heath, you will find shorter loop trails (1.2 km or 3 km) at Behringen Heath.


Further information about the trails

Brochure with further information and marked hiking trails (PDF Download).

Trailhead: FriedWald in Bispingen-Behringen


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