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Loop Trail Söhlbruch / Hützel

Wellspring – A magic dwells in each beginning


Söhlbruch: In the alder swamp: 0.9 km

A special magic is awaiting you if you decide to walk this trail around the wellspring of the Söhlbruch. The trail access already reveals that this tour is an insider tip – but, please, do not be let astray: When you are wondering whether this trail will end up on a private terrace, you are on the right way.

After having walked just a few metres through shady mixed woodlands, a narrow causeway is waiting for you which will take you right through the wellspring area. According to the season it will enchant you by the emerald sparkling of endless shades of green, golden yellow autumn colours or the babbling of several streams under ice. But don’t be afraid to get wet feet: subsequent to the causeway, the narrow trail leads up the steep bank to the dry rim and reveals a great view of the alder swamp forest criss-crossed by pools and streams. The unspoilt nature makes up the charm of this trail – although it is a short trail, you shouldn’t underestimate the slopes and the picturesque way in which the trail winds along the steep valley rim especially on the last stretch.

After having descended through a little spruce grove, a tiny boardwalk will lead you back to the trail you already know from the start. Perhaps you are one of those hikers who glance back over their shoulder and smile because when you set off, you didn’t give a thought about coming out of this seemingly untouched thicket on your way back.


Brochure with further information and marked hiking trails (PDF Download).


Trailhead for the loop trail Söhlbruch

Zum Söhlbruch



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