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1 hiking brochure (price 2 €) for free, available at Bispingen-Touristik e.V. All information about the BispingenCard can be obtained HERE.  

Loop Trails

23 scenice routes through the Nature Reserve

In the municipality of Bispingen there are 23 wonderful loop trails to discover the Nature Reserve Lüneburg Heath. They are between 0,5 km and 13 km long and take you along shady woodland paths and – of course – through the heather areas that are typical for the region. No matter whether you want to go for an ambitious hike or just for a pleasant walk, you will find the perfect route through the Lüneburg Heath.

10 starting points – 23 trails

The 23 loop trails in the Nature Reserve Lüneburg Heath are graded in 10 sub-categories according to the village you start from. Thus there are 2 trails around Wilsede (W1, W2), 3 trails around Niederhaverbeck (N1, N2, N3), 3 trails around Oberhaverbeck (O1, O2, O3), 2 trails around Behringen (B1, B2), 2 trails around Volkwardingen (V1, V2), 2 trails around Hörpel (H1, H2), 4 trails around Bispingen (Bi1, Bi2, Bi3, Bi4), 2 trails in Borstel  Switzerland (Bo1, Bo2), 1 trail around Hützel (Söhlbruch), 2 trails around Steinbeck/Luhe (St1, St2).

Mix and match

The loop trails in the Nature Reserve Lüneburg Heath are clearly and visibly labelled with small green badges which show you the way. Now and then the trails meet - so if you like, you can flexibly add another loop trail to your tour. In some places you will come across the Heidschnucken Trail which runs 223 km from Hamburg/Fischbek to Celle or the long distance trail ‘Lila Krönung’ (Violet Coronation) that runs 46 km from Amelinghausen to Schneverdingen.

All this information in one brochure

In co-operation with the Verkehrsverein Bispingen and Verkehrsverein Behringen, Bispingen Touristik has worked out these 23 loop trails and has published a corresponding brochure. This brochure gives you a good overview and contains detailed information, photos and maps of each route. Moreover you will learn a good deal about the Nature Reserve Lüneburg Heath.

Download brochure as PDF

The 23 loop trails...

Obtain further information (distances, routes, features) about the 23 loop trails of Bispingen by clicking on the corresponding trail.

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