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Experience the beautiful Heath in a wheelchair

On the wheelchair trail through the Haverbeeke Valley

On the wheelchair trail through the Haverbeeke Valley

There are two loop trails for wheelchair users near Bispingen-Niederhaverbeck in the Nature Reserve Lüneburg Heath. The short trail is 1.5 km long and the long one 3.5 km. Along these trails mobility impaired visitors can experience all the aspects of the Nature Reserve Lüneburg Heath. Both trails run through the Haverbeeke Valley that represents all the special features of this historic cultural landscape. The visitor will discover numerous sights and can experience the typical wildlife of the Heath at close range.

Both trails were reconstructed in 2013 and allow optimum use when accompanied. The ideal starting point for the short tour is the car park at 'Gasthof Menke’. The long tour can also be started here or alternatively at the Nature Information House in Niederhaverbeck.

The actual loop trail is 3.5 km long, the alternative route of 1.5 km is significantly shorter. Both trails lead through the Haverbeeke Valley and thus represent all the landscape features of the historic cultural landscape Lüneburg Heath. They enable also mobility impaired visitors to experience all the aspects of the Nature Reserve Lüneburg Heath. The wheelchair accessible trail has been thoroughly reconstructed and the surfacing has been completely renewed. Benches and tables offer pleasant opportunities for a rest.

The big 3.5 km long loop trail features a total of 15 stops including the Nature Information House of the Verein Naturschutzpark e.V. (VNP) – a typical example of a Low German House where dwelling, stable and barn were all under the same roof. It was also the VNP that triggered the wheelchair trail in 1998. Other stops are e.g. tumuli from the Bronze Age (approx. 1500 BC), evidence of the fire disaster in 1996 and a beehive rack for roving bee keepers.

You will see the typical Heath flora including the heather Calluna vulgaris and juniper trees but also holly bushes and birch avenues. Once the birch trees were landmarks in the heathlands, nowadays they are important habitats for green woodpeckers and wrynecks. One of the thatched sheep pens that are characteristic for the Heath is alongside both trails. Moreover the Haverbeeke shows up again and again with its pools and swampy areas.

Wheelchair accessible toilets are to be found at the restaurants Gasthof Menke and Landhaus Haverbeck, both in the immediate vicinity of the trails in Niederhaverbeck.

A  brochure with detailed information about the loop trails for wheelchair users near Niederhaverbeck in the Nature Reserve Lüneburg Heath including a general map can be found HERE. (PDF-Download).


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