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Machandel Adventure Trail in the Lüneburg Heath

The Machandel Adventure Trail is an interesting and informative hiking trail for the entire family. At 23 stops visitors learn a lot of interesting facts about the cultural landscape Lüneburg Heath. Especially children can catch up on the peculiarities of the Heath by playing, reading and touching.

Learning by playing

This trail appeals particularly to children who want to learn something about the historic cultural landscape of the Lüneburg Heath. 23 different stops with topics like “Habitats in the Nature Reserve Lüneburg Heath”, “Historical and recent usage of the Heath” and “Feel and touch” introduce even little children to the historic cultural landscape of the Heath.

23 stops along the 11 km trail

All the facilities along the adventure trail are designed in such a way that children can easily reach and use all the items. Children of all ages can learn about nature and landscape in a playful manner.  The Heath Museum »Dat ole Huus« is also integrated into the route.

Booklet & colouring pages

Visitors to the trail can either start their hike towards Wilsede at the main car park in Oberhaverbeck or at the car park in Döhle. Along the trail there is always something new to discover. Additionally an accompanying booklet with the explanations and several colouring pages were designed for this adventure trail. They are available at the Nature Information Houses of the VNP, at the museum’s shop in Wilsede or at the Heath Museum »Dat ole Huus«.

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